Last day in Melbourne

Thursday, April 10, 2008

On my last day in Melbourne, we had our dinner at Kimchi Grandma (which used to be Danny, Joyce and Bubla's favourite)

Thanks to Hiap Lai and his Japanese frien (which i forgot wat his name was. Gomennasai, i'm bad in remembering names. >.<) they come all the way from upper melbourne??? which takes more than an hour to reach my place O.o just for my farewell dinner. =(

Then they went back after dinner O.o thanks again worr. I didn't know tat my face so big (convert to chinese verb - ehhh, dun really know how to translate eh. oppss.) o.O I was so bad tat i asked Lai's Japanese frien to hold the camera. LOLL

Here is our group photo =)

Felt sorry about Michael Toh, we all thought he went to his weekly gym and not coming to my farewell dinner. =( But then we were all wrong. he is not tat heartless anyway. he reached home just a minute after tat we went off. Poor him, ate maggie mee by himself. *sayangggg* =)

oh oh delicious yummy mouthwatering prawn nehh. =) =) Bubla loves prawnssss =) =) =) big le??

all of us gathered in our backyard. Guess wat r we doing late at nite?

see... austin was so overjoyed. LOLL


here is the answer...

Yesss....we were telescoping. =) =)

but then....telescoping wat? wat's so happening? which makes Raymond and Austin constantly snapping photos??

Here comes Raymond with his standby pose.

and Sherline with her standby pose. =)

is it possum???

Nahhh...tat's our housemate as well. he lives in the attic. =) our possum joined us too.. there are two actually. =) =) Meet our house possum. =) kawaii?? actually not. LOLL

Here is it....the answer. =) =)

Raymond said: Heyyyy....Why does this reminds me of the 'blood moon'??? does actually. =) =)

Meet my no.1 fans. Frank. the one who likes to take photos with me. LOLL

anyway, he got his own album nehh...feel free to listen. =)

Here is our ending pose...

Thanks for the nice memory people! i miss u guys heapss. it was a great fun being with u all. I never had so much fun before and you all brought me joy and happiness and also an lotsa unforgettable memories of course.

That's only place i could be myself (u know - the caterpillar *secret between us*) and the only place i'm comfortable in. =) =)

the moment i bid u all Goodbye, i hold my tears. the moment u all hugged me one by one, my heart cracks.

i felt like staying a bit longer. but i know i can't. it's time for me to go back....

i Love Melbourne alot and so all of u, my besties. =)

p/s: left out SiewPing =( i actually wish she was there together with us.

and recently i heard tat the place i stayed for 2 years in Melbourne is not going to be a residential building anymore. they are making it for other purposes =( =(

- 07.03.2008 the day i left melbourne -

anyway, i'll be backkkkkkkkkkk again. =) =) =) wait for me =)