hula hoops

Monday, April 28, 2008

An uncle of mine came back from Canada lately, its like after 8 years? Being as his lovable niece, i kinda went along with him every time, anyone treated him. hiak hiak hiak.

So....1st dinner, @ Paramount Hotel (its a halal hotel. O.o) together with some other aunties. It's weird to hear their conversation about "who is still alive and who is still not?" O.o duhh, he is 60 years old now. what do u expect??? hmmm...

Then, second time @ "Hai Bing", the one near 'jiang bin gong yuan' 江滨公园 (rejang esplanade). Hai Bing is used to famous with its crab. Even now, i still do thinks so. Many people dine there anyway. Unlike paramount, we sorta like booked the whole restaurant down, from 7pm to 10pm. O.o

i know wat some of u r thinking. O.o yuppp...i'm allergic to seafood. but weiii....i'm only allergic to CHEAP and UNFRESH seafood leh. LOLL. those fresh and BIG crabs i can eat. muahahaha. =P

and Tommy was like keep on reminding me "ehhh, girls cannot eat too much oh" "need to keep fit" yada yada yada... =.='''

but i love foooooooooooooooood leh. dun care la. XD

3rd dinner @ sheraton.

the most lavish meal ever.

the lobster ship which kinda exceeded diameters of the table's dish roller?

oh yeaa....tat's the legendary abalone. =D =D =D =D

and again....its the CHEAP and UNFRESH prawns i'm allergic to. not lobsters and fresh prawns. hehehehehe...

i was so busy eating tat i didn't took down beijing duck, the big fat arse sea cucumber, shark fin soup and etc...

tat's our dessert. sth which made with yam. and its soooooo....yummy. =)

okayyy. back to the topic, the hula hoops. After having all those goodies down to my stomach, i think its time i need to do sth.

can't really whine at Alec Tang on how fat i was. He will say "Whine for wat?? Dun even take actions at all!!!" *sweatsss*. sounds garang huh?? but he is super nice la wattt... hehehe.

First day: i hula hoops for 5 mins (kinda doubt my tummy is made of taufu. O.o)

Second day: 20 mins of hula hoopings. and 5 mins of resting (not bad improve weii)

Third day: nill - (LOLLLLL)

Fourth day: 30 mins and 5 mins resting (aiiiii sehhh)

Fifth day (which is today): ONE HOUR of hula hoopings!!! (geng??? yes. i think so too. but.....end up having BIG bruise on my hips. O.o trying too hard eh?? >.< )



Note: Sorry about my low pixels photos. its taken with my outdated hp. O.o any kind hearted souls wan to donate their unwanted phones to me?? LOLL. i dun mind to wait though. =) =) =) =)


just walt said...

you might as well rename your post to seafood galore or something lol.

and felt any difference aside the bruises after hoola hooping so much? :P

sharon said...

How come there's hula hoop at home? And and... cilaka betul I'm eating pizza now :(

And and... DON'T EAT MY "YOU QI"!

LydiaKong said...

walt, i'm still waiting for u to come back and treat me kingwood. O.o =) =) =) =)

today no energy to hula hoopings la. i guess i can't even wait u ppl come back from mdg grand finale =( felt extreme exhausted. didn't really sleep well last nite >.<

sharon: mum borrowed from her frien la. and your "you qi" kemek already. looks pretty hideous. so no pic. LOLL. left ONE only liao. dunno can it wait for u or not?? O.o not tat nice actually eh. i still think mum's pumpkin one (Nan gua bin) tasted much nicer.