MDG episode 14-part 4&5

Monday, April 21, 2008

At almost the end of part 4, there is this guy suddenly pops out of nowhere in the middle while girls was dancing happily.

I was like, "Who the heck is tat guy???" *sweats* and didn't even care to bother about the mysterious guy.

annnnnnnnnnnnnd then, at the beginning of episode 5. i heard the crews chanting Walter!! Walter!! Walter!!!~ Walter!! Walter!! Walter!!!~


Didn't expect tat it was u, Walt =.=''

feel good eh? dancing with all those remaining Malaysian Dreamgirls. Sambil drinking red wine too. O.o can see u wont stop laughing leh. kena rub or not?? no wonder turned into Hulk these days. LOLL geezz...can't wait for u to tell me all tat. come back must treat me kingwood liao - with udang galah one. *winks* i'll be waiting for u. =) =) =)


just walt said...


it's not by choice. and the drink we had wasn't red wine, it was just blackcurrant juice lol.

LydiaKong said...

aiyerr... sama lah. u got all the attention. fuiyohh.