My cheese cake

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I woke up early today- 8.30am. i know it doesn't sounds early at all but it's holiday wattt.

Two reasons why i woke up early:

1. My result was out 8.00am (i was freaking nervous. didn't get score enough though. sigh~)

2. i bake cheese cake last nite then refrigerate for one whole nite and edible this morn!! =) =)

happily dipply i hopped to raymond's doorstep and knocked on his door. "Waalaaaa......cheese cake~," i said. but got rejected instantly. -.-'''' cizz. no heart one tat guy. so fat already still wan to diet.

How i wish i could share it with mr.soon. mr.soon would definately gobble it down. is sth i share with him.


clement said...

ha ha, first post already about food... good work, post more food... make this blog all about food. and meet some other bloggers, it'll be fun

De Xian said...

Well..I got up early to check for the results too. Just managed to get one HD though....sigh*...should be better...Haha~ Another. It's nice to see you're posting some good stuff here. Keep it going ^o^

Angel Valerie said...

mr. soon?

yeo soon?

LydiaKong said...


mr.soon = spiderman


Angel Valerie said...

oh, wow... since when u become so close to spiderman?

does that mean mr. soon = sipderman = yeo soon??

eh, u got my brain congested!

LydiaKong said...

yalah ...tat yeo soon la. =)