Distributing flyers

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Had been distributing flyers around RMIT for the entire day.

Here's a report of the melbournese behavior..

85% of people - takes my flyers
40% of people - says 'thank you'
20% of people - smiles back at me

Well, everyone out there (those whois staying in melboure). do come and join US!!

After the hard work, UNEXPECTEDLY......Matt treats us all (danpat, me and himself) soft serve!! and he even ordered the choc dip especially for me. Awwwww..

Kiki said, "Whenever i saw u guys, there is always food on ur hand." Blame Danpat loo, he is a 'BIG EATER' - aka big starving bear who came out for food after a long period of hibernation. Opppsss.... =P

Back home still got mouth watering 'lobak' soup by siew ping. feels so blissful nehhhh. =) =) =)

be thankful~ =) =) =) =) =)


sharon said...

Oh man... How come wherever I search it's about food -_-" And I'm SO hungry and tired right now! Just back from work by the way...

LydiaKong said...

coz my life is all about food. hehe