Second time Skiing

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Once a year ‘exercise’ day has come.

This was my second time skiing. First time (last year was with Danny and Joyce), we hired a trainer for 2 hours and taught us the SKI techniques.

Not knowing anything Joyce and I were having hard time. but the ‘kiasu’ us, just wont give up.

Sunday, i went for the second time (together with Sherline, Frank, Raymond and Austin). Mt Buller was covered full with snow, not like last year, man made.

When we first landed on the icy ground, Sherline couldn’t balance herself and fall. (tat was just a bad luck, she actually skis quite well) Therefore, Raymond kinda gossips it to Austin where Sherline was just right behind. LMAO!!!!!

This was my first time to ski down from the top mountain. (first time was just around beginner area, where this time we need to take cable car to the top O.O).

I kinda stood up there for moment before I went down. (Not tat I wanted to, just tat Sherline and Frank had already gone down O.o)

Dropped and fall and dropped and fall.

the first round was awful. i was lack of energy due to sleeping at 3am and woke up at 5am. Couldn't even stand up after I fall. sat there for about an hour until Austin rescued me.

the fatigue me, i went down hill and take a cup of Latte and rested for another an hour. recharged energy, the ‘kiasu’ me went up again (alone this time).

By then i had enough of energy to FALL again. O.o LOLLL From top to the bottom, you can hear me screaming :


I know tat’s pretty embarrassing but showing only my nose and my mouth, I guess no one will recognize. Kekekeke..

the worst time i fall was my boots, my skies, and my cap all flew off. Not just that, I even crash into a pole *blush* LOLLL

Tat's just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to go again. Hehe…

Within a day, my body transformed into 9o-year-old grandma. I guess even worst. Aching everywhere, bruises everywhere. @_@

90-year-old me


Angel Valerie said...

i wanna go skiing too... bring me there!!!

LydiaKong said...

Come to melbourne in winter. then i will bring u go. hehehehe..