Belgrave House BBQ

Monday, July 16, 2007

introducing my 'new' big family but....

left out of - Aaron, Joe, Michael Toh, tingting, aunty ruth and aunty phelomena.

had a grand bbq today. it was awesome. we particullarly finished up all the food. YES!!! ALL the food. amazing heh~

and yuppp....without Michael Toh we still can 'sapu' all. LOL =P

therefore we promised ourselves to hav it at least once a month. kekekeke...

"next week hot pot????", Green said. O.O goshh i gonna be super chubby. -.-''

Today we got an intruder......guess who??? my bf???? O.o

Evening tea after the hard work for 3 lovely so-called 'woman' (i'm just pretending ehh. LOLL). thanks to Frank for the cappuccino.

Ru-Ru and her sexy tummy...(halo-halo~ this is Aunty lydia nehhh. can u hear me, bao bao??)

Here's our new member, Siew Ping - the shopping Queen. One word to describe her..... 'Geng'~