Sushi Sushi

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sushi Sushi could be considered Australian's choice among other Sushi stores.

I used to love the 'seafood Inari' (the one stuffed with crab sticks – trust me it is TOTALLY different from those you eat in m’sia. Aus one fresher and way more expensive >.< ) then until yesterday i had discovered 'Squid Inari'!!!!! (AUD2 dollar each, crapp so expensive @$@*&#@%#@)

Ohhhh…I just love squid HEAPS!!. basically I loves all its family… baby octopus, calamari. Anything to do with squid!!! I LOVE U ALL……. =) =) =) =) =)

So kinda bought lots back. Yum yum.... =) =)

Luckily there is one Sushi sushi located beside Swinburne Uni (my uni). Yayyy~

Comparing Sushi Sushi and Sushi King in m’sia, I still prefer Sushi King. Sushi King hav lotsa varieties. But there isn't any Sushi King in Melbourne. =( =(

When ever i went to Sushi King, some plates are A MUST!!

the red plate .....RM5 each
- Ebi Ten Temaki (my superb fav nehhh) Deep fried prawn, fish roe, cucumber & mayonnaise
- Soft Shell Crab Temaki (not bad)
Deep fried soft shell crab, cucumber & mayonnaise

The pink plate RM4
- Chuka Chinmi
Seasoned scallops

Baby octopus..the one with red sauce. Sibu got this. Hehehehe….

And this is my addiction…

Takoyaki ball (stuffed with bits of Octopus)…..the best I had currently tried, credits to Ajisen Ramen!!!! AUD6 dollars with 6 biji only =( =( one dollar each (btw those u ate outside Jusco Midvalley really sucks~)

This post is mouth watering….CRAPPP!!


Angel Valerie said...

u're fast in blogging... i've just left a comment in the other entry and when i refresh the whole page, a new entry popped up.

i salute u.


i love sushi-s too... hey, when u're back here again, make sure we go sushi-hunting! hehe.

LydiaKong said...


yeaaa...definately!! i just can't wait to go back. hiakz..

clement said...

lau nua liao

LydiaKong said...


clement said...

u dun understand that? ha ha..means i'm hungry liao

LydiaKong said...

wat kind of language is tat?? O.o