Dinner at Danny's house

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sort of like farewell dinner for Victor (who is leaving melb tomorrow. we will miss u =( =( Yes...i'll miss you too, miss ur silly looks, silly face, silly laughs, silly jokes, and every bits of ur sillyness) and pre-house warming for siu.

Chef siu did all the cooking i assume. like 'chok-chek' huh??

too bloated until posing the ah Na's pose (big tummy) ehehehe...she gonna kill me for this. =P

photo of the youngs one. (ah Na were exculded. she tripple upgraded dy) =P


clement said...


victor said...

dun think u will miss me le...haha!

LydiaKong said...

Will laaaa....who ask u to leave melb.