Monday, July 9, 2007

Slept really 'early' yesterday - 7am and woke up by my mobile silent 'beep'. I got 'message'!!. Woww...i hardly received any msg. I tot was 'him' but.....NOT. It was Raymond -.-'' Sighhh....

Wat-a-wonderful day!!!

This afternoon when i went down, Sherline was already there making her meat bun.

Like i said...i gonna bake pizza today. So here's it.

Comments given by my Pizza Eaters:

Sherline : Weeii.....this really nice eh. Same like the one from shops. teach me... teach me..

Austin : Wah lau ehhh!!!!! This is the BEST pizza i ever had. Wattt.....I'm serious eh!!!! REALLY!!!

Raymond : ehh...u should open 'lydia pizza' eh. (compatible with Jessie Pizza in Aus)

After a few hours, conversation going on about my pizza again...
Raymond : hmmmm....A bit too 'Oily'...(ciz tat guy....got eat also wan to hav so many comments)


clement said...

si zhai lo, everytime toture me 1

Angel Valerie said...

eh, i also want la, lydia!

LydiaKong said...

hehehe...absolute fabulous

=) =) =) =) =)