Monday, July 9, 2007

Owning a pair of shoes could define your attitude and your behavioral.'s some of my shoes.
*Warning: better stop viewing if u just had ur meal. =P

Prezzie arrived from beloved mummy.

A bit 'lau tu'(old fashioned) though but depends on ur mix match bahh. hehe...thanks mummy. She loves me the most.

this pair of 'slipper' thongs ( i remember it this time. heh)
are given by Aunty ah hua. i love it nehh. absolute comfortable.

but kinda spoilt by Gytha (when she starts learning how to wear slippers)

Another hush puppies super comfy shoes. But quite obasan look. ok bah.

New pair of gorgeous leather ballet-looked shoes. i love this one alot. but it doesn't have any heels. Total 'flat'. u know......i'm short >.<

My butterfly boots which i rarely wear. Only wore out once then one of the heels are broken. -.-'' but got fixed by professional. can't really see the damaged right? heh heh..

I save this to the last. People~ let me introduce........The shoes i love most. i know it looks a bit.....errrrrrr. but nvmm. hehehe. considered a bit la. cheapskate me.

I remember last year Danpatloo said," come ur slipper so black one??". "It's like tat bah..."I replied. LOLLL i dun even feel embarrass until my mum keep on shaking her head and look at me in disgust. *sweats* "Really tat black meh??"

Well tat's it. Get to know me better? hehe....


sharon said...

Adoi! Buy so many shoes! Your feet so small. Cannot share shoes with you also. Sigh!

LydiaKong said...

but i can wear urs...muahahahahaha