The day before Adelaide trip...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

2 weeks ago…..

Our cell group (CM004) had decided to go Adelaide instead of Tasmania or Gold Coast or even Sydney. By then joys and anticipation flows within me. Old friends whom I long to catch up, places which I wish to visit, i just can't wait to go Adelaide. =) =) =)

*btw...tat was also my second trip, i travelled with friends. First was the redang trip with LUCT mates in year 2004? O.o..

On the particular nite, our group also got performance to the service - choir. Raymond had recorded it down...

i guess u can easily spot me. hehe... =) =)

When we got back home, it was already 10pm. Annnddd....previously, I kinda volunteer prepare breakfast for all of us (10 ppl all together O.o) Not just that, RAYMOND whom ‘generously’ volunteer to help me at the first place had gone to sleep like a log!!!

But luckily Austin offer to accompany me whole nite until I entirely finished. (prevent the ‘pervert’ getting any nearer me >.<)

To kill the boredom, he took his cam and recorded down... =) =)

Didn't really get any 'beauty sleep' tat nite. coz after finished preparing everything at around 2am+ i still need to pack. and u know girls are a bit fuzzy....hehehe. Besides, before 5am need to wake up and depart..

*Note: if u look carefully...u might saw a pair of my wool socks hanging on the chair. hehehehe *blushh* i just done my laundry..*blushh* (luckily its just the socks! hmmmm........ =P =P )