Transformers with Preston Mates

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Went out with Preston mates last nite. We had lunch at Ajisen Ramen. It's all about Ramen (obviously) but i personally dun really like 'mee'... so i ordered their 'butter prawn', which came out after everyone finished theirs. >.<

In addition, we ordered a few side dishes - takoyaki (my fav nehhh) , baby octopus, sashimi, and Raymond ordered 97% raw beef!!! O.o (apparently it tasted not bad at all) =) =)

After the meal, Austin brought us to a laboratory-looked-like pub (which he found it VERY unique. he sorta like brought everyone he knows there -.-'' hmmm...all i could say is NOT BAD lahhh. but not really my type.)

We didn't hang in there long. then off we headed to....TRANSFORMERS!!!

Anyway, this is how u watched a movie when u booked 2 rows counted from the front.

The screen was so huge until when the 'autobots' flew from left to right, you might as well need to move your head along. it was just soooo cool~ (mr.soon gonna gone crazy abt this =P).

A very good movie to recommend. (no idea why Michael Toh say not nice *sweats*)


Anonymous said...

i agreeee...i watch it not long ago so cool aye!!!!!!! of yea btw i watched it 3rd row from the front in the cinema as well...haha