Lest We Forget

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last sunday, SiewPing brought us to the Shrine of Remembrance (The Shrine of Remembrance is Victoria's memorial to the men and women who served in Australia during World War I).

She (SiewPing) who just came here for not more than two months brought me (who came here for one and a half year) and Austin (3 years or more than tat O.o) to the magnificent place.

She did the research, printed out the maps, asked around for details and off we go to the memorial park~

Yiiippieeeee~ isn't tat beautiful???

Overjoyed but wont forget to hav some snack. LOLL~

Like i said, tat day i was too overjoyed (slept too much) and SiewPing was too tired (didn't slept at all). So, the overjoyed me thrown them the elephant questions. Read tat from clement's blog.

"How do u kill a blue elephant??"
"How do u kill a red elephant???"
"How do u kill a green elephant?"
"How do u kill a yellow elephant?"
Guess wat?? they pretend not to hear my questions!!! So i kept bothering them with my elephant questions.

After i satisfied with my elephant answers. It's SiewPing's turn...

kena strike back. -.-'' LOLL

Heaps of nice looking badges.

After the Shrine of Remembrance, SiewPing brought us to Royal Botanical Garden. Wat a tour guid she is. hehe...thanks alot.

Oh ya, tat scarf over there, i kept telling SiewPing n Austin:

"Heyyyy~ got free stuff again!!! (at the previous place i saw a fcuk pink cap which i picked it up and exclaimed heyy~ free stuff !!! it matches my top sumore!!)

u know.......the typical 'ah sam' (aunty) me.

ohh....searched for my spiderman again.

found it. LOLL

Planning to climb the branch. but.......too short. hmph~

Didn't give up.

ahhhh.....finally get my butt on the branch. it feels great u know. i sat there for more than 15mins. hehe..awesome~

=) =) =) =) =)

i just love treesssss...

ohhh~ free stuff again. but tat's to prevent the hyena eating me. (hyena wont eat anyone taller to them - holding the branch up like tat makes me looks taller eh. LOLL)

flower beds clock~ pretty eh =) =)

Luvp u - xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Then we went to siu's house for dinner again. Gytha is the one who ate all the food. kekeke~


clement said...

you look fantastic, did you loose weight?

LydiaKong said...

no...infact i gained heaps.

just look at my round face.

clement said...

what? I can hardly believe that! ha ha

Jeremy said...

u're so cute lydia!!! LOL~~

clement said...