Rainny day

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hi there...

surprise le?? seeing me blogging. i'm actually stuck in my office. LOLL =.='' and my engine broke down LOLLLL =.='' which estimately gonna slaugther me, freaking RM3000+....LOLLLLL =( =( wat a day. @.@ plus plus...my headache is killing me. lack of sleepness probably. LOLLLLLLLLL.......... =.=''

anddddddd.....i need to take bus back later then walk around 20-30mins back to my condo, in the RAIN!!!!. wtf.. not just tat, i'm wearing white today and on my pretty flats and my superb expensive bag. wahahahaha.. isn't tat hillarious? can't stop laughing eh.

this isn't a sunshine post anyway...or perhaps it is. Happening huh?? or adventurous??

but got a kind hearted myanmar guy bought me a super kawaii umbrella and treated me nasi lemak sotong for my lunch today. isn't bad after all aye? =) =)

be appreaciate yea. Bubla still thank God for giving her a wonderful day. Amen. =)