Gloomy day

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

spotted this at ah kiong's msn nick. he always got the darnest youtube leh. =) =)

thanks for cheering me up. =)

anyway, i got Doraemon as my ringtone and it doesn't significant tat i like doreamon. Nobita is a noob!!! (loll..JJ thought one, now got their own trend of words)

=) =) =) =)

there goes more when i look him up...

kawaii little baby..

this reminds me of when JJ was young. hehe..

and moreeee babies... =.=''

and....their mama..

andddddd.....their granny. LOLL

thanks ah kiong. =) =) =)


splo said...

wuhahaha...too funny ah..thx my dear little sunshine..^^

bRy`brY said...

lol...cooL! how's KL life ehhh? doing good there? got come bek sibu anytime soon or not? hahaha...mayb can go satayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....b4 i leave for the US again...hahaz!