Meet munny

Monday, July 14, 2008

One fine sunny day, a puppy suddenly pops out from our jamban (toilet). Then mummy quickly go and ask around the neighbourhood if there is any missing puppy or not. but no one come and claim it.

sooo.......Meet MY munny!!! =) =) =)

she made me think of Nana....


i wonder how's she right now? i miss her from time to time though....i misses her whenever i sees a dog. the above picture was taken in year 2005 on the month of april.

well, back to munny, i still can't believe my JJ called him 'sissy' .......wat a name =.='''''

and with my mum's quick moves. she gave away munny already. =.='''''''

how saddddd... =( =(


splo said...

Nana so so so so cute...

LydiaKong said...

yea sure. she is a pure breed Golden retriever eh. super gorgeous eh.

ehhh....u know my munny, my mum give it to whom or not?? Olivia's mum. they got barbie and mocha liao. now munny is with them. =(

Simon Seow said...

You're mum sure is fast.

splo said...

wao...munny wit barbie n mocha...walaoah...than macha must happy lah..