Pasar Malam Connaught

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Again...another late post of mine. LOLL. u can't blame me though. i have been really working hard to update my blog as often as possible. nvmm...not tat hard anyway. LOLL. still need a little bit of rest bah.

Went to Pasar Malam Connaught after work last thursday. It is known as the longest and the biggest pasar malam in M'sia. i can't recall if i hav been there before. but i guess i did. but..... entirely forgotten abt it. O.o but but...sister said i brought her there before. O.O Nvmm....anyway, luckily we arrived there early. cause its damnnn crowded with people.

Fuiyooohhh. really big and long leh. didn't manage to take picture though. will take it someday. =) =) probably next week??

hehehe...i still havn't tried all the food yet. =P

BUTTT, here is a big BUT and also so called warning la. Something that i learnt from all these while came back from a pasar malam. Which is.............. DO NOT BRING UR PURSE or UR DOMPET WITH YOU!!! why?? it's not because of the pick pockets. its because of 101% that you will SPEND IT ALL onto the food.

dangerous i tell u, its really dangerous!! Going one round can make your RM50 flies to the air. O.o its better than going out to eat the luxurious buffet at some high class restaurant right??

Sigghhh... Bubla really dun have the sense of spending money huh?? Sighh sighh~ but it wont stop me going there again. LOLLL

This is the famous stinky taufu aka 'chou tau-fu' in chinese. The smell can really goes few streets away. Gengg!!

I remember when i was in high school, Eric (my ex-schoolmate) bought one and took it to the library. =.=''

the mini winnie donuts and durin's (given by my colleague) big apple. cutesy lehh?? but it doesn't taste tat good. O.o

to end the post, here is Sharon's belated birthday e-card. LOLL. i know it's late again (30th of June). but anyway its her 20th birthday. Happy Birthday!!!

how nice got froggy....Awwww.. =) =) =)

yes u r right!! tat's my birthday cake for her. the egg tarts. LOLL. poor me, only can afford tat at the moment. Will get u big one next year! =) =) i promise.


Simon Seow said...

RM 50 so much meh, the most i spent is RM 20 on pasar malam food.

LydiaKong said...

RM50 not much eh?? its only pasar malam wor.

me and my sister spend RM50 each which is RM100 all together. tat's alot mann... @.@

somemore it is twice in a week. my oh my..

but i bought couples of dvd and the freaking expensive sayur back la. and also probably tomorrow breakfast. LOLLL

suituapui said...

I wpnder what that smelly tofu tastes like. Never had the chance to try. Belated birthday greetings to Sharon! May all her wishes come true!

clement said...

ha ha ha, nice makan eh