Mr Kuching 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

First of all, this is 3 weeks late post. LOLLLL. yes i know!!!. i hav been uberly busy leh. and uber uber uberly busy ever since i work in kl. dont believe??? show u my schedule then.

Averagely i woke up at 7am but sometimes 5am. sot one huh??? Well....i play my mob wars (one of the facebook application), which.... i kinda get bored of it now. nvmmm...watever. then i prepare my breakfast and everything. 8.30am off to work.

Then i come back around 6.30pm or sometimes even late, and tat's when i eat out. if don't, then i may need to cook. Note that, not only for me and also my baby sister. Watta big sister am i. =) =)

Annnnen, after cook + ate, its already 7.30pm. tat's when i turned on my tv and watch the remaining drama till 8pm and followed by the IMPORTANT NEWS, sambil playing my facebook la (sometimes do sometimes don't. nvm....watever).

then ohh..lepak lepak either around the house or in the net (includes= msn + facebook + probably friendster + not forgeting dropping by the blogssss. =) =) =)) its 11pm dy. After 11pm, its her precious time with ah bui =P..

Finally, to call it a day, little sunshine bubla needs her beauty sleep so.....mostly, she off to bed before 12am midnite.

Oh ya....tat doesn't include doing housework ohh!! Suddenly miss mummy so much eh. =( =( =( who wans to be my kakak ehh??? i dun wan to be Sharon's kakak lehh. LOLL

Right, How about my weekend then?? weekend is my shopping spree time =) =) =), the day i work out (jogging, swimming and gym, which is very soon) and also buying a-week-length-grocery back. =) =) not forgeting housework though. O.o''

Seeee......i'm not lying. really full packed. Oh my, i really did wrote my entire schedule down ho. Okay, stop the crap now. - End here -


Finally, i know this is what u all hav been waiting for, the Mr. Kuching 2008. To begin this, i would like to show u a picture of mine in december 2005.

left to right - DexterBong, Bubla, ChungSiang

super tanned and 'ah lian' (uptown girl) hor?? it was taken outside Damai Resort at around 4am in the morning. Ehhh...i know wat r u thinking but we were there watching meteorain. believe it or not. LOLL. whole bunch of us Okay..

Somehow i felt surprised tat after 3 years, we met up, both of them still remember which position they stood in the picture and also wat i wore!!!! probably too 'ah lian'. sorry eh. =.='''

Meet the 2008 us...

14th of June - Mr.Kuching. not 'ah lian' liao lehh??? if not sure kena say one. =.=''

u really can't imagine how 'happy' i could get...seeing those guys with their great bodies and posing according to the beat of music and most their undies!!!. aiseh aisehhh.. =P

This is Dexter Bong. one of my favourite. He is really good huh?? indeed he is. he is our Junior Mr.Kuching, Mr.Sarwak, and Mr. MALAYSIA last year and definately gonna be this year as well. i'm pretty sureeee. =) =)

i really can't control the adrenaline flows in my bloodstream lehh. but here i would like to apologise to my ah bui, for pulling him along. LOLL...

he was like keep on saying, "yuckkk.....ewwww......grosss." =.='' and still constantly helping me to take the free vico drink. =P poor baby..

imagine how suffering he was. Seeing the love one shouting for other guys. =P yes i know...i'm sorry. =) =) =)

Anyway, this is Chung Siang and his proud 'Vico tin'. LOLLL... but he really tried hard enough for tat. proud of him. =) =)

And they will be going to compete on Mr.Sarawak at Miri next sat!!!.. GOOD LUCK you big ones!!!!

Btw, this post started written 3 days ago. long it could take me to finish a post like this?? loll. but i'm glad i did finish.

CHEERS PEOPLE!!! its SUNDAY MORNING~ how lovely. =) =) =)

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Wow! Just a few years and how u all have changed!!! For the better, of course! LOL!