Dong Dong Chiang

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1st day of CNY

Dong dong chiang - dot - chiang - dot - Ciang ~

=) =) =) Happy Chinese New Year everyone

Note: Tilt your head 90 degree to the right, for a better view. LOLL

Later tat nite..

SiewPing invited us to her house. =) =)

her mum's cooking. THE CURRY SUPERB GOOD LEHH~~ =) =) thanks

her mum really geng anyway. she knows how to make grape wine, apple wine, and her house are full with winesssss. aiseh.

the host, our lovely SiewPing...

One hour later......our host, can see by her face, a bit blur blur liao. LOL

SiewPing can't put me to drunk so she aimed at Austin. ahahaha...

this is wat he turned into after an hour later... =.=''' looks so hiamm.. *sweats*

2 hours later, he was mocking the red bull... LOLLL

Our tempt for group pic no.1 .....tat Austin really drunk liao. Can't even stand properly. Aiyayayaya~

this is actually tempt no.4. the other two was blur. LOLL

CNY gathering with ex-classmates.

this is our f4 photo, which included everyone in. as for the f5 one.....some of them hilang. wasn't a pretty camera girl perhaps.

from the left to the right

Back row:
Aaron Ling, Lee Tee Leong, Lau Sie Siing, David Ha, Loh Wei Liong, Andrew Wong, Tang Mee Kim, Kek Ang, Harlan Wong, Lucas Chua, Ting Sie Chun, Martin Lisan, Colin Tan, Silvanous Phang.

Middle row:
Tan Ai Leng, Ting Siong Ling, Lau Lik Hie, Angelina Wong, Wong Sie Jun, Ang Na, Ngu Ting Ing, Chai Ling, Chou Ren, Wong Tian Yee, Amy Lau, Cynthia Toh, June Hii, Bubla Kong

First row:
Huang Mee Tiing, Yew Li Ing, Pau Kat Fang, Hana, Shy Yii, (dun even bother to remember her name. i know i'm bad. watever) James Lau, Clarence, Eric Hung, Tiong Ing Kee, Robert.

Seeing the pic. made me miss the oldies. =( =(

time flies fast neh. US at 7 years later~

the one standing
from the left to the right:
tee leong, sie sing, angelina, ai leng, mee tiing, bubla, eric hung, li ing

the one sitting
from the left to the right:
tian yee, june hii, chai ling, amy lau, kek ang, and lik hie

but 3 of them went back early (siong ling, pau kat fang, wei liong)... aiyaa forgot to take siong ling's pic.

but this is pau and wei liong. =) =) =)

17 of us.....managed to gather together in just less than 2 days of informing each other. *Proud*

Throughout this, it had proven the tightness of our bond. =) =) the s5 student. *cheers*

Note: Special thanks to aiLeng who sponsors us RM111 of 8 dishes all together at "JinXiLou" Golden Happiness Restaurant.....arigato thank u.


hii said...

char kuey tiaw char kuey tiaw lololol

LydiaKong said...

u owe me!! i will remember. and a table of jinxilou with 8 dishes. LOLLL. dun make me see u.

sharon said...

walao... sponsor! so rich!

Raymond said...

I have been left out :-<

bongkersz said...

food!! food! go everywhere this cny see food till my eyes see nothing but food. LOL! thanks for dropping by my blog, bubla aka lydia? :)

LydiaKong said...

right. =) =) =)

hii said...

oh ya, hi sis! :D

splo said...

dear Raymond..dont left out...

clement said...

so cheap?

Angel Valerie said...

lydia kong... i dont *heart* u anymore... how can u get kenny to do that for u???

LydiaKong said...

coz...Kenny *heart me =) =) =)