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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sometimes if u dun say out. i really dunno wat r u thinking. call me stupid. sighh.. (i dun really mean u to call me stupid ar!!!)

Remember our ex-classmate gathering?? i smsed everyone abt it. and even promised to fetch an ex-classmate of mine, Tian yee. she said she was too lazy to come out and she lived so far.

Tian Yee: Ehh...Not need 'ma fang' u guys la. i lived so far....

Bubla: No worries. we will come n fetch u.

and when we met.

Tian Yee: To be truth, actually i dun really feel like coming ler. i tot i wrote so clear on the sms just now. but who "so re qing" (passion).

Bubla: =.=''

Another incident..

Mr.A says (12:46 AM):
wei, take off our photo from picoy la, me so ugly

Bubla says (12:48 AM):
del liao..

Mr.A says (12:49 AM):
wa, u really delete ah

Mr.A says (12:49 AM):
u should say, "no need delete la, u looked great", lol

Mr.A says (12:49 AM):
just jk

Bubla (W) says (12:49 AM):

Bubla (W) says (12:53 AM):
alright. i will upload it back later.

but he is cute. =) =) anyway......check out more of my photos at

i store most of my photos there. will upload it more soon. =) =)

and sometimes i really dunno how to treat ppl...

Ant was down these days. he looked for me. but i said nth. why??? i dunno wat to say. i'm not good in cheering ppl up.

so i gave him a graphic 'cup cake' on facebook.

and this is how he replied:

since u so sweet mm...wanna be my gf??? ^-^

and those ppl who msged me in friendster...

some strangers straight away giving me their hp number:

hi, nice to meet u... i just arrive sibu working with my fren. hope keep in touch ya... so add me n sms me ya... 012854xxx. take care

some being polite and wishes me CNY. therefore i wishes them back. "Happy CNY"

and this is wat i got in return....

hai lydia,

Is a happy year for u?
How u spend ur valentines?
with ur frenz spend valentines?
i spend with group of frenz also at
sugarbun loe hahhaa..
all is single only one pair is married
so busy with ur study ?
ohya i wish can deliver my msg to u
just wish lar
must happy o :)
gamabte my dear ....

O.o questionssssss...... =.='' But seriously. i dun mean to be rude. i'm just not used to answering so much questions to a STRANGERS. o.O

i remember one. few months ago, i was browsing thru friendster. spot a familiar face. but i was wrong. and the girl came and added me in friendster. Thought she might know me so politely i asked. "Hey, do i know u?"

I DON'T KNOW U.. WHY... COURSE U OPEN MY HOMEPAGE FIRST.. SO I GO for add u... if not friendster using for wat... do u know how to play the friendster or not... u know wat it mean..???????????????

WTF???????????????????????????? but of coz. polite lydia didn't wan to scold her back. coz it turned out to be she is one of my friend's 'dai sou' and friend's friends. AND she is MARRIED!!! 27 already lehh. still dunno wat's call manner.

sometimes its better to be NOT DOING ANYTHING rather than being a GOOD PERSON (angel).

sighhh. but it wont stop me being a good Christian. =) =) =) =)


clement said...

ha ha, i love the one asking you to be your bf. why are you still single..? haha

sharon said...


p/s: you are so popular!

clement said...

sharon.. is she? she sounds desperate... check her facebook. ha ha, there's people actually asking to be her bf..

LydiaKong said...

i'm not =.=''