CNY delight

Friday, February 22, 2008

seen this in kl's isetan. but found out here(Sibu) also got. ahahahaha.

Now Sibu got everything eh?? call it good or bad..

mushroom =) =) =) Bubla like mushroomsss. especially button mushrooms. hehehe. not tat one. it tasted awfully bad actually. nvm..

back to my CNY delights..

i know CNY is over. but who cares? hehehe.

cornflakes cookies

almond cookies. i like this.. =) =) =) =)

there's many more but i'm just too lazy to take them. =P

sui mai???? i love sui mai as well...hehehehe

i know wat r u thinking.....we couldn't afford to buy, like most of the families do. so we make ourself. poor us =(

=) =) =) =)

sandwich sushi???? my new creation. hehehe =) just wan to be different. =)

btw, if u know whois AmyLau, she finished it all lehh. she loved it too. =) =) =) =) =)

looks a bit disgusting huh?? its called (frozen pork leg) 冷冻猪腿 dun let the appearance fool u.

it's superrrrrrrrrrrr nice weh.

guess wat it is made of???

Cordon Bleu!!!!! yessss, its the expensive Cordon Bleu!!! RM648 for a bottle. its soaked in cordon bleu for, ermm.....2 days?? and the pork itself is the kampung pig!!!! fresh kampung pig!!! saliva drops?? hehehe.

cannot guess wat's this lehhh???? it's sharon's VOLCANO 年糕 !!!!!!!!! LOLLL. when i saw tat. i almost rolled on the floor laughing hysterically...

poor pot... AHAHAHAHAHAHA...

mum almost pengsan when she saw her pot turned into like tat.

..+.+.+.+.+ Bubla's fav. CHOCsssss +.+.+.+.+..

Orange and Caramel KitKat from Japan, souvenirs from SiewPing. She indeed understand tat i'm a fan of KitKat. hehehe. =) =) =) thanks.

Ferrero Garden. I dun think they sell it in M'sia. didn't see anywhere. =D =D

included Raspberry-Strawberry, Lemon, Pistachio, Almond, and Coconut.

this is lemon flavour. filled with rich flavour of juicy lemons. =) tasted really nice. its like....the clouds giving its way to the MR.Mighty sun and with its light shinning upon u. =) =) =)

*twinklesssss *blingggggggss~

hehehe. exaggerating?? Nope. i did not. =)

anyway, since i like chocs so much. i even make some for my CNY delight.

My D.I.Y chocs =) =) =) =)

its so easy...simply melt your fav chocs. and add in cornflakes.

then put it in ice-cube for the equal shapes. =)

and tied with red ribbons =) =) =)


it's done. my mouth watering chocs.

Note: tat's only given to my closest family & friens. and its finished on the 2nd day of CNY. So....first come first served. hehehe. Trust me again. it's super nice.

and u can make it into shapes. be creative as well.

my ginger bread man. =) =) =)


geraldine said...

eh you're coming on the 3rd right? bake those cny cookies and bring them for me!! i tried the cornflakes ones already and i want some more. sharon gave me 12 biji of cookies only. not enough can. i want the choc cornflakes too :D :D i'll be waiting.

hii said...

oiiii stop with the cny food post. you're torturing me! having said that, the sushi sandwich & your cornflake choc do look yummilicious! >_< ^_^ >_<

LydiaKong said...

dine : since my mood so nice. will bake some for u la. hehehe...

walt: its definately yummilicious. ahahahah..

Angel Valerie said...

u didnt even leave some for us...

LydiaKong said...

all habis when u come eh...u come at 3rd of CNY??? ahahaha...

say, 2nd of CNY already habis. and i only gave it for my relatives and friends. =)

clement said...

haiz... i should have been there...

sharon said...

EH!!! You bake for Dine MUST REMEMBER TO BAKE FOR ME YOU KNOW!!!!! Your sister here very kesian... This foodless home of mine :(

sharon said...

By the way, even though my 年糕 looks like volcano, it's NICE OKAY!!!! People likes it! LOVE it <:)

LydiaKong said...

yalah yalah

bRy`brY said...

wei...can mail some to US or not?? kekekeke...looks soooooo yummy lerrr...see liau..kenot tahan...mouth and eyes watering...LOL...jk jk!! ehhh...can give me recipe for cornflake cookie pls?? i will get my slaves to make it..HAHAAHA

chloe's out of control said...

can send through parcel one or not. pls la i so kelian. 2 years no cny feel edi. :(

geraldine said...

hahah.give me more than sharon ya. hoi sharon, when can we meet up? :):)

LydiaKong said...

bryan & chloe : i tot the angmo's specialties are cookies?? hehehe.

dine ini memang waits for my arrival leh. LOLL