Happy Valentine

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Early this morn while Bubla was still dreaming for his prince, a bouquet of flower hav been delivered to her house.

it's valentine's day~ =) =) the pink roses really brightens up my day.

i'm loved today =) =) =) =) =) =D

thankiu Mr.redcapPig!!!

After the prayer meeting and lotsa AMENs, Bubla and SiewPing went to RHotel to celebrate our lonely valentine (together with another 8 bachelors - but they are not tat important so no pic for them. =X)

i ordered Caesar Chicken Salad (this is nice)

and a mango smoothies (this is nice too =D )

and this is our SiewPing with her top to bottom luxury outfit. (Ralph Lauren Tee, Morgan's pants, LV bag, Gucci's belt, Rado's watch O.o geng???) and behind her sat a big diamond. wahahahahahaha.

i'm having a great day~

=) =) =) =) =)



clement said...

u didnt ask me out 1 leh

LydiaKong said...

u didn't ask me out either

Wanenxi said...

hehe..hmm hw u kno is a "red-cap"? delivering the flower when u still slumber waiting for prince to (kiss)wake u up..