Port Melbourne

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Early morning today, Green knocked on my door inviting me to join their family fishing at Port Melbourne. it's quite 'memalukan' as i was still in bed when he called. =.='' (its 12pm actually. HAHA~)

Anyway, it's a prefect weather off to beach today. Saw some mucho hotties.

Aisehhhh... =P

Some mexican... LOLL

And sunbathing froggy. ahaha. cute huh?

Tat's RuRu, JiaAo in the tummy (Coming out soon oo) and me. =) =)

We brought along lotsa biscuits to enjoy.

Nice view. Nice weather. Nice sand. Nice day. =) =) =)

The marina port filled with heaps of boats. they even build the house to stack the boats. awesome lehh?? hehehe...pretty. =)



sharon said...

I just woke up :)