Gisele Bundchen in Melbourne

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

If you watched the 'taxi' movie. u will definately recognize her..

Gisele Bundchen the brazilian super hot model arrived in melbourne yesterday. Guess where she went??

To the Zoo. Woww..can u believe tat. i tot i model like her wouldn't interested of going to a ZOO!!! even me, i never stepped myself into melbourne zoo either.

Well, she is here for some kind of thongs (the footwear variety) charity.

isn't she a superrrrr hottie?? Wahh seh man.


yao said...

ohz~ i saw her on todaytonight.
why cant she go to the zoo.

she said: "mine job doesnt show who i am and my personality."

something like tht.. haha

LydiaKong said...

u went to zoo?? O.o

clement said...

is that her real name? i know it's really hard to spell.. plus she's one of the VS angels!!!!