The Happening Moments

Monday, October 1, 2007

*******...Mooncake Feast...********

Enough with all those sadness. Well being sad and moody can't solve anything right?

So here i am shining on my blog again. How did u guys celebrate ur mooncake festival? Eaten any mooncake?

ahemmm....i ate heaps again.

There's a feast held at our house once again. Inviting all the Belgrave house's members and all the committee members here we gathered and celebrated.

the committee decorated nicely.

Got 'payung' sum more.

after tat, we decided to hav our little 'parade'

(but i havn't got the pic yet. will update tonite)



*******...Royal Melbourne Show...*******

On a date with Matt again. Ahemmm.....before u ppl thought of anything, here i wan to clarify tat Matt isn't my bf. =) =) =)

what is with the little girl frowning for? O.o

Yess. n double YES he ISN'T my bf. =P

Together with my housemate there we witness the Flying Pig aka pig racing with our own eyes. Despite that, there was also PIG DIVING!!! can u imagine tat?? loll. superb fun. superb enjoying myself. =) =) i'm not sure tat's me who screamed. LOLL. judge it urself.

i dun think tat's me. =P LOLL

btw i bet for pig no.1. (the one in red color) and guess wat?? It won!!!! BRAVO PIG piggy PIG. =) =)

Royal Melbourne Show is all about agricultural stuff. well....mostly. Enough with the oinkies. Here are some....

meows. kawaiii lehh


the tatooed moos

Wroofs. Miss Nana alot.

the very 'YeaahH' doggy. i guess the owner thought it is 'little pony'.

and...i hav no idea how does this sounds like....

in case u all dunno wat species is this. this is called Alpacas. Kawaii nehh.

Frank kept on 'chiang jin tou' with me. =.=''

Well....tat's Frank and his wife, Sherline. LOLL. Cute leh.

Matt said he just wan to hug the tiny goat. and tat's how he hug it. *sweats*

SiewPing being our light bulb for the entire day. poor girl. but she is having a great fun viewing her cats.

wannabe angels

not forgeting the food. btw it taste bad.

Behold, they even hav Hot chicks on fashion show. Marvellous.



*******...Melbourne Water Dam...*******

5 of us went to the Melbourne Water Dam for picnic. It was awfully windy tat day, where it was supposed to be Sunny. Our mistake, It's sunny in Melbourne but not in Mt.Dandenong. Me n SiewPing wore shorts. but SiewPing brought lotsa backups (her scarfssss - just look at the backups she carried).

Hmmm....not tat bad actually. Can tahan. and after cycling felt lots better. Just tat muscles kinda tighten abit. Wattt....tat's my 2nd time exercise this year after the skiing at Mt.Buller.

i hav no idea wat's with the guys posing abt. they are super kiasu as well. @_@



*******...Tulip Farm...*******

After filling our stomach with Austin's delicious fried rice we headed off to Tulip Farm. It was Holland theme tat day. Woww...the beds of flowers and the magnificent scenes of mother nature just can't stop to amused me.

Too pretty to be true. Oh yea...i brought along froggy as well. =) =) =)

i looked fierce if i dun smile. =P

We r lucky enough to bump into some 'professionalist'.

Isn't it pretty if u hav tulips in ur room?? Definately brighten up ur day. =) =) =) =) *smiles*




Once again, i hav stepped on Mt.Dandenong. And there i climbed on the Mighty Big chair again.

and drank my no.1 hot cappuccino adding with my heavenly tiramisu.

and too not forgetting to drop a wish at the wishing tree.



clement said...

is this the one which deleted? ha ha, take me there, i wanna play too

LydiaKong said...

yeshhh....crap. super long isn't it

yao said...

the lst photo. and the photo of you with ur tiramisu. is reli nice..

who took de~?

LydiaKong said...

errmm....i dun really remember.

its either siewPing or raymond or Austin.

we took heaps of pictures