Lydia Shum Din-Ha

Monday, October 15, 2007

when i wandered around in city the other day, i come across a familiar face in some 'ba-gua za zhi'. It's Lydia Shum Din-Ha. if u watch HK entertainment show will definately recognise whois she.

its shocking to see how she has changed and how old she has grown.

She had several chronic ailments : cholangitis, diabetes, and hypertension. adding liver tumor and cancer around the gallbladder. *wahh sehhh man - so many O.o*

heart breaking..

the fair-chubby-cheerful sum din-ha i miss. and her extra-ordinary super laughter =( =(

tat's her in her teenage. fat as well. O.o

Conclusively, cannot become 'ah bui' ahhh.