SK buffet steamboat

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Went to Serdang a day before back to Sibu. I couldn't refused not to. Serdang contains lotsa nice memories of US. =)

except for the guy la. LOL.. I miss the day we sneaked in UPM's hostel for overnite and the day we went to Melaka together. =)

then...last tuesaday, we went Seri Kembangan for a grand buffet steamboat. =) =) why grand?? coz its ALL YOU CAN EAT!!! loll....danpat loo sure love this phrase. its RM21.80 per person. it would be well worth for those big appetiters.

they even got prawns, crabs, clams, shells, snails, squid, sea cucumbers, mussels, scallops (basically most of the seafoooods + including fish la.) red meats, white meats, aiyoo....just hell lotsa things. can't name it all.

eat and eat n eat non-stop!!!!! oh no..must watch my weight.


The nite i reached Sibu, attended Hiap lai's sister wedding dinner.

=) handsome??? ahahahahahahaha..

took tat while waiting for the food. tat's Tommy and I. cute o not? =)

anyway, seen Austin's whole family + his beloved girl but didn't hav the chance to take pic with them. =) will got the chance anyway.

one of the dishes. anyway the pear-looking-thing, tasted quite nice though. =)

this one is prawns ball. everyone says its REALLY good.

on the nite:
Bubla and Tommy quickly took one before their mum got the chance to stop them. (LOLL....for ur information. our condition now doesn't allow us to take any prawns yet. both got skin allergy. huak huak huak huak huak...tat's not bad anyway.)

mum even curi 3 back for my bro =.='' typical mum. LOLL

on the next day:
Austin: ehhh.....yesterday the prawn ball really nice wehhh.
Hiap Lai: Yalor, i ate 3.
Bubla: LOLLL (can't stop laughing)


my very very best friend, lik Chyn (my only and one kindergarten frien) caught me back to Malaysia. she is smart. She called my aus num but didn't get thru and felt sth not right so she called my mum. =.='' bingoo...she was right. Bubla is back. hehehe. sorry for not telling everyone. ahaha. u ppl will find me anyway. =)

like i said. she caught me back to sibu. offering to fetch me from the airport but i denied. =P she really miss me alot. =D

anyway...we went for bak kut teh and back to her office "Signature Kitchen". in her office, i watched her interviewing a newbie. Wow..memang pro nehh. =) proud of her.


friday evening, received a call from Austin.

Austin: Oii....kamu sudah makan belum??
Bubla: it's 3pm man!!
Austin: come to my house eat curry eh
Bubla: =.='' U cook curry???? O.o
Austin: Yalah...i cook....come eat la.

Bubla: but..............i already ate la.
Austin: i come n fetch u at 5.30.

hehehe...for ur information. its not him who cook the curry. his house was having a "thanksgiving party".

then later the nite....we went to the "little payung" yumcha again. =.='' and even 'ta pau' 12 freaking fruit juices back!!! =.='' but ok la....many relatives and kids were there. but it's superrrrr nice and rich with the fruit's fiber. only cost RM2 for one. cheap huh??

the unique is, there are hell lotsa tropical fruit durians, cempedak, papaya, .... and etc @_@

Hiap Lai: ehhh, the durian's one really taste mahhh naiiii ohhhhhh.
Bubla: =.='''' *errrr....*
Chung ling (Austin's gal) : Wah seh, u really brave. NONE of my friens dare to order tat before!!
Austin: ehhh...i wan to try also..... give me some.


Went kampua with Austin and Lai for breakfast. Then traveled around Sibu town. Went Daesim....went to market....went here.....went there. Sibu is small anyway. could walk around the whole town by foot. then, Austin brought us to eat 'ung tao bing' (red bean ice-kacang) really nice wehh. 3 bowls only cost RM3.40. =) =)

We even plan to visit Danpat loo's shop. but couldn't find it. too bad. will hav the second tempt. =) =) =) no worries. hehe.


its sunday today. hav been eating non-stop while back. @_@ didn't i mentioned about watching my weight?? =.='' haiiihhh.

any plan for today??? ..........yesterday Uncle Jase msn me:

Uncle Jase: ehhh....u wan to go watch movie with ah siing them or not?? tomorrow noon??
Bubla: I got church neh
Uncle Jase: noon got church meh?? i tot is morn one
Bubla: 11am finish wor. (actually my church finished at 8.30. i didn't know. LOLL)
Uncle Jase: Ok about evening???
Bubla: O.o


wonder why i dun wish to tell them when i go back??? this is whyyyy!!!!!! everytime go out definately got EAT n EAT n EAT n EAT. @_@

but they will caught me anyway. i can't run. LOLL =) =)

btw, didn't feel like taking my camera out. so no pic guysss. sorry. kinda a bit 'sia soi' taking pic here n there in Sibu. =.='' especially Sibu.


splo said...

l'll remember u n austin de...both of u ate many thing ah...better me going back..ur guy oso want bring me going too oh...if not...l'll cry oh...hahaha...jkjk...hehe...

sharon said...

I'm so hungry lar :( Everyday also eat your pork and chicken. If not only biscuits... SNifF*

clement said...

that tommy.. i think he works for my dad... ha ha, you're already in sibu? grrr..

bRy`brY said... kampua pics lerrr?? jai...enjoy too much then forget bout me over here dy izit??? hahahaha....n' tell hiap lai arrr...he better buy me lots of satay when i go bek...HAHAHAHAHAHA...or else i dun give him his shoes...LOL

LydiaKong said...

splo & Sharon: u guys are back. nth to say.

clem: yes lol. just part time only.

bry: LOLLL kampua ahh!!! really forgot eh. soooon.