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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Msn nick : Bubla (away) - i'm not here

Chung Cho says (4:10 PM):
hey long time no c lydia
Bubla (W) says (4:13 PM):
hi. how r u?

Chung Cho says (4:15 PM):
not bad, and how are u
Bubla (W) says (4:16 PM):
good thanks

Chung Cho says (4:17 PM):
where are u now?
Bubla (W) says (4:17 PM):

Chung Cho says (4:17 PM):
o...are u coming back?
Bubla (W) says (4:18 PM):
no...i came back for good
Bubla (W) says (4:18 PM):
finished my study

Chung Cho says (4:18 PM):
Chung Cho says (4:18 PM):
so what are u doing there?
Bubla (W) says (4:20 PM):

Chung Cho says (4:21 PM):
what are u working now?

*** fuck u..pissed off.

****** blocked from my list.

********** hate ppl asking me so many personal questions. especially those 'strangers'.

Sorry for my emotional unstableness. i can't release it elsewhere. only here. pls consider. thanks.


splo said...

hahaha...sometime me oso like tht...hehehe...

LydiaKong said...


Angel Valerie said...

by the way, can i request for the picture to be taken away?

i looked so problematic. so sad. put a greater picture ler.