Fish spa

Friday, October 3, 2008

I can't sleep. Boo-hoo-hoo. it's 1.01am and my eyes are still wide open. O.O Boo-hoo...

probably slept too much during the day. Boo-hoo. hmmm..hungry somemore. Boo-hoo. Then... ate a packed of bee-hoon + an egg. Boo-hoo. @.@

Nvm...hopefully after writing this entry can make me Zzzz..

Went to Fish Spa with hun @ Sunway Pyramid about a month ago?? =P =P

many lerrr... =) =) =) too much dead skin nehh. *blush*

yes. it is ticklish.....very ticklish!! first few mins we can't even let our feet down.

but then we keep on forcing ourself to endure it. its RM38 for 30 mins. imagine how easy could they earn??

Fish spa is known treatment for skin diseases.

Thus, they also provide a full body fish spa. but not to the one i went to.

nibbling nibbling.....

the fishy likes me lerrr?? *BlUSHH*

and we even dare ourself to try the bigger fishy.. =) =)

the nibbling gets harder and the feeling was doubled up. O.o

tat biggy fishy loves my ah lin lerr. =P

and even bigger perhaps?? O.o dare or not?? hehh... =P

if he is happy. then i am. =) =)