Assalamulaikum.. =)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Assalamualaikum people~

well, Assalamualaikum is the only islam word i know. or mayb "alkhwan-poon" (dun really know how to spell this but nvm...heard it whenever the prayer starts. O.o)

anyway, Assalamualaikum is considering a common word in Malaysia. but do u exactly know what it means?? All these while i thought it meant "Hello" but guess what? i was wrong! it meant "Peace be upon you" . OoOooooooooOoo...

hmmm... for islam, they 'puasa' for a month then celebrate their new year.

*Bubla defination on "puasa" :: diet starting from around 5am in the morning not putting any food/water into your tummy until 7pm at nite. =) =) =) (correct me if i'm wrong. WAH-HA =.='')

here are some buka puasa foooood. look at how much i bought. =) =)

*Bubla defination of "buka puasa" :: The time the malays started to feast.

and let me show u some of it...

pangang..i like pangang weii.. =) =) =)

dunno wat's things. a bit geli though. and freaking sweet. O.o the Malay food is somehow tasted a little bit tooooo sweet for us, the chinese.

and so...and so... =) =)

Selamat Hari Raya!! =) =)


splo said...

aiyo~make me hungry again...l want....send bit for me...wuhahaha..