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Friday, May 8, 2009

I was wondering should i stop blogging or get a monthly RM80+ wireless broadband and continue blogging? Sometimes i do wonder how many ppl are reading my lovely blog. Hmmm...well, if i get 20 different ppl comment on this post i will continue blogging and keep you update with my life =)

What are you waiting for? drop me a comment n u will see me coming back here and start writing. =) =)



sharon said...

Aiyah, see you so cham.. I drop my first comment lah <:) *drop*

hiap lai su said...

me 2 :)

zhenyang said...

lalala juz dropping by

Angel Valerie said...

la la la la... i drop by again!

Esther said...

aiyo dont close down la :P

贞海 said...

i think just save your money la
the broadband will just get on ur nerves

just walt said...

blog because you wanna blog. write because you love to write. don't do it for other people, it will only stress you out and make you unhappy.

oooppps, this means that i have dropped a comment here. :P

Wanenxi said...

hey.. dapig hardly squize any any idea to blog... nt to u mar.. bubla.. owes b ur FAN~!... (fan tat can cool u down de)hiak~!

Anonymous said...

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