MDG hanis

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bubla says (1:49 AM):
i'm now chatting with hanis
Bubla says (1:49 AM):
Bubla says (1:49 AM):
she is so sweet
Sharon says (1:51 AM):

ohh yesss. its the MDG hanis!!!. =) =) =)

actually...i have been chatting with hanis little bro, Imran (an 11-year-old boy) during the MDG period.

he is a sweet boy as well. he told me that how he spent his RM60 pocket money to vote for his sister. Awwwww..~

and today, hanis finally got online and thanked me sincerely.

Hanis (1:46am) : thanks banyak2 taaaaaau. i wont forget lydia kong

Awwwwww~~ tat word really comes from her!!! and i'm sure of tat. got her tone eh?? and when i told her that i was walter's frien, she exclaimed 'walty!!!'

then i go n confirmed with walt. He said the mdg girls gave him the 'walty' nickname. LOLL.

i did nth actually *paiseh* just told her little brother tat i got a frien whois crazily in love with her and spent RM210 to vote her. super fan eh??? loll.

*jeles* spent one kampua on me nia (my little bro actually), can mentioned for years. LOLL =P just kidding eh. O.o

=) =) =) =)

Sharon says (2:01 AM):
tell her i love her also
Sharon says (2:01 AM):
i saw her that day!
Sharon says (2:01 AM):
she is sooooooo pretty
Bubla says (2:02 AM):
Sharon says (2:02 AM):
she looks nice in EVERYTHING she wears
Sharon says (2:02 AM):
Bubla says (2:03 AM):
i know la
Bubla says (2:03 AM):
i also like her wat
Sharon says (2:03 AM):
Bubla says (2:03 AM):
Bubla says (2:03 AM):
kamu siapa
Sharon says (2:03 AM):
kamu punya sister!
Bubla says (2:08 AM):

Hanis goes offline dy. LOLLL

thanks to hanis little bro, Imran. he told her sister all about me. =) =) =) =) wat a sweet family they got there. =) =)

ALL THE BEST HANIS!!!! we lurpfu you =) and sharon lurpfu you too. loll

p/s: remember i told u about me sending my wakil to mdg grand finale?? it was my sister, my cousin - wee and his wife - fung. and guess wat? they never follow any mdg episodes at all!! my sister was still okay. she said she got watched at least the last 3 episodes. and tat's only becoz she will be going. but my cousin and his wife knows nth about it. LMAO!!!


Simon Seow said...

I only shook her hand and talked to her for a few minutes after the winners were announced.

joshuaongys said...

she have great supporters as well.. during the finale.. i think they were her classmates =) she muz be a really friendly person who can mix well with the people around

LydiaKong said...

Simon, Woww...u shook her hand even. tat's great. =) =) =) i only chat with her. =(

Joshua, yeaaa. heard my sis said hanis got the most supporters among others. =) =)

oh yea. she is very sweet. which makes u wan to approached her more. =)

sharon said...

She IS VERYYYYYYYY sweeeeet!!! >< !!! I wanna chat with her also lar. So not fair! And yes yes! She got soooo many supporters there that day.

Hanis Zalikha said...

haha my class not that big lah. all school friends. thanks for having me in your post lydia! mengapakah such a sweetheart?? sharon comel oh.

LydiaKong said...

wowww...looks whois talking here. =) =)