Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yes. i have been disappearing again. HAHA. right. it isn't funny. anyway, like i mentioned in my pervious post; Bubla is now in KCH. =) =) with ah bui =) =)

UNTIL ah hai told me tat got a couple of friends wans to visit me during CNY in sibu.O.o I just realised tat i didn't tell anyone tat i had transferred back. secretive eh? =)

UNTIL few days ago, i saw Austin msg on 2 Feb 09, 12:18 "where r u bubla..? y so long not updating your blog le.....?", i just realised tat i have not been on my blog for so long.

UNTIL yesterday when i 'tangkap ular' a bit, started reading blogs, i just realised how long i have been away from the blog world.

UNTIL the big days;

•●☺ When Michael Toh (one of my ultimate family member in Melbourne) and Tze Liang brought me out for wild food dinner.

•●☺ lunar 15th my ah bui’s family and I having dinner @ the top of Civic Center Kuching, watching the entire Kuching firing fireworks which melted my heart.

•●☺ And attending the Foo chow associations; with 4 extreme lions dance and one ‘magau’ (the little kid who bring the lions) which perform for the entire ceremony. And two ‘Chai Shen’ distributing angpaus.

•●☺ Luxurious dinner @ Oregano which slaughtered ah bui’s RM125, on valentine.

I just realised tat how long I have abandoned my camera.


Well, wat can I say…. I dun wan to act like a blog freak in front of my ah bui’s family. O.o or perhaps, the super duper slow connection have keeping me away from Online and BLOG.

So is the job here. Its hectic. Even the time duration is longer than the normal working hours. Some more the great God resting day, Sunday I’m here as well. See how hardworking I am. ☺ ☺ Sometimes I wonder, is tat fake smile or wat? Hmmmm….. Hmmmmmmmmm………………I love my job ☺☺☺☺☺


Deb said...

Cute blog!! So cute! How have you been hun? where are you now? in Msia? Miss you!

Siang's Corner said...

don't worry, your blog freak/fetish is safe with me haha

keeyit said...

Hi hi.. very cute blog