Ricky Nelson - I Will Follow You 1963

Monday, January 21, 2008

I will follow you
Follow you wherever you may go
There isn't an ocean too deep
A mountain so high it can keep me away

I must follow you
Ever since you touched my hand I know
The near you I always must be
And nothing can keep you from me
You are my destiny

I love you, I love you, I love you
And where you go I'll follow, I'll follow, I'll follow
You'll always be my true love, my true love, my true love
From now until forever, forever, forever

I will follow you
Follow you wherever you may go
There isn't an ocean too deep
A mountain so high it can keep
Keep me away, away from my love

I love you, I love you, I love you
And where you go I'll follow, I'll follow, I'll follow
You'll always be my true love, my true love, my true love
From now until forever, forever, forever

I will follow you
Follow you wherever you may go
There isn't an ocean too deep
A mountain so high it can keep
keep me away, away from my love

And where you go I'll follow

love this song. =D digi theme song eh?? hehehe..

SK buffet steamboat

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Went to Serdang a day before back to Sibu. I couldn't refused not to. Serdang contains lotsa nice memories of US. =)

except for the guy la. LOL.. I miss the day we sneaked in UPM's hostel for overnite and the day we went to Melaka together. =)

then...last tuesaday, we went Seri Kembangan for a grand buffet steamboat. =) =) why grand?? coz its ALL YOU CAN EAT!!! loll....danpat loo sure love this phrase. its RM21.80 per person. it would be well worth for those big appetiters.

they even got prawns, crabs, clams, shells, snails, squid, sea cucumbers, mussels, scallops (basically most of the seafoooods + including fish la.) red meats, white meats, aiyoo....just hell lotsa things. can't name it all.

eat and eat n eat non-stop!!!!! oh no..must watch my weight.


The nite i reached Sibu, attended Hiap lai's sister wedding dinner.

=) handsome??? ahahahahahahaha..

took tat while waiting for the food. tat's Tommy and I. cute o not? =)

anyway, seen Austin's whole family + his beloved girl but didn't hav the chance to take pic with them. =) will got the chance anyway.

one of the dishes. anyway the pear-looking-thing, tasted quite nice though. =)

this one is prawns ball. everyone says its REALLY good.

on the nite:
Bubla and Tommy quickly took one before their mum got the chance to stop them. (LOLL....for ur information. our condition now doesn't allow us to take any prawns yet. both got skin allergy. huak huak huak huak huak...tat's not bad anyway.)

mum even curi 3 back for my bro =.='' typical mum. LOLL

on the next day:
Austin: ehhh.....yesterday the prawn ball really nice wehhh.
Hiap Lai: Yalor, i ate 3.
Bubla: LOLLL (can't stop laughing)


my very very best friend, lik Chyn (my only and one kindergarten frien) caught me back to Malaysia. she is smart. She called my aus num but didn't get thru and felt sth not right so she called my mum. =.='' bingoo...she was right. Bubla is back. hehehe. sorry for not telling everyone. ahaha. u ppl will find me anyway. =)

like i said. she caught me back to sibu. offering to fetch me from the airport but i denied. =P she really miss me alot. =D

anyway...we went for bak kut teh and back to her office "Signature Kitchen". in her office, i watched her interviewing a newbie. Wow..memang pro nehh. =) proud of her.


friday evening, received a call from Austin.

Austin: Oii....kamu sudah makan belum??
Bubla: it's 3pm man!!
Austin: come to my house eat curry eh
Bubla: =.='' U cook curry???? O.o
Austin: Yalah...i cook....come eat la.

Bubla: but..............i already ate la.
Austin: i come n fetch u at 5.30.

hehehe...for ur information. its not him who cook the curry. his house was having a "thanksgiving party".

then later the nite....we went to the "little payung" yumcha again. =.='' and even 'ta pau' 12 freaking fruit juices back!!! =.='' but ok la....many relatives and kids were there. but it's superrrrr nice and rich with the fruit's fiber. only cost RM2 for one. cheap huh??

the unique is, there are hell lotsa tropical fruit juices.....got durians, cempedak, papaya, .... and etc @_@

Hiap Lai: ehhh, the durian's one really taste mahhh naiiii ohhhhhh.
Bubla: =.='''' *errrr....*
Chung ling (Austin's gal) : Wah seh, u really brave. NONE of my friens dare to order tat before!!
Austin: ehhh...i wan to try also..... give me some.


Went kampua with Austin and Lai for breakfast. Then traveled around Sibu town. Went Daesim....went to market....went here.....went there. Sibu is small anyway. could walk around the whole town by foot. then, Austin brought us to eat 'ung tao bing' (red bean ice-kacang) really nice wehh. 3 bowls only cost RM3.40. =) =)

We even plan to visit Danpat loo's shop. but couldn't find it. too bad. will hav the second tempt. =) =) =) no worries. hehe.


its sunday today. hav been eating non-stop while back. @_@ didn't i mentioned about watching my weight?? =.='' haiiihhh.

any plan for today??? ..........yesterday Uncle Jase msn me:

Uncle Jase: ehhh....u wan to go watch movie with ah siing them or not?? tomorrow noon??
Bubla: I got church neh
Uncle Jase: noon got church meh?? i tot is morn one
Bubla: 11am finish wor. (actually my church finished at 8.30. i didn't know. LOLL)
Uncle Jase: Ok la....how about evening???
Bubla: O.o


wonder why i dun wish to tell them when i go back??? this is whyyyy!!!!!! everytime go out definately got EAT n EAT n EAT n EAT. @_@

but they will caught me anyway. i can't run. LOLL =) =)

btw, didn't feel like taking my camera out. so no pic guysss. sorry. kinda a bit 'sia soi' taking pic here n there in Sibu. =.='' especially Sibu.

Coke Chicken

Monday, January 14, 2008

hav been back for so long but didn't really cook anything. hehehe. who wans to cook when u can easily buy anything outside at anytime??

well....today i finally cooked sth. Coke Chicken. =)

ever heard of it? some of you do and some of you do not. well, basically i kinda took a peek when siewPing cooked it for us in melb.

so here am i teaching u all. LOLLL *proud*

*Attention: this is my FIRST attempt at cooking this dish. Try at ur own risk!! =P*

Coke Chicken

The ingredients:
1 can of coke (NOT a diet one - Why??? diet coke contains Aspartame which is notttt...tat good for ur health. why??? click here. )
8 pieces of chicken wing
2 small onion
1 clove garlic, smashed
2 table spoons of dark soy sauce
3 table spoons of light soy sauce
a pinch of salt

The Steps:
1. Pour the coke into ur pan, add in both of the light and dark soy sauce, garlic, ONE onion, and the chicken (basically mix everything together. LOLLL)
2. shimmer it until it dry. *Remember to stir it from time to time, avoiding the chicken sticking onto your pan. (approx 45 mins for a normal stove)
3. add the remaining ONE onion before the last few minutes.
4. gobble it up. =)

there u go....the end product. easy??? looking good?? taste good too. =)

While cooking Sharon said: ehhhh, smells really nice eh!! is it ur chicken or the neighbour's??? =.=''

tat's wat she gave me. hehe

btw if u wan to know how i cook the vege...... i just boiled it actually. LOLL.

a post for Bryan

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

First of all, this post is dedicate to my lovely frien Bryan Hii, who is currently in US. =) =) when is the last time u came back actually?? like i promised, i will post up OUR Favourite SATAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am mean. i am mean. i am mean.....huahahahaha.

ohhh...i'm sure u gonna kill me for this. but nvm..too bad u r too far away. ok, here is it. Last week, Bubla (me), Sharon (my sister), and mr. Roy Ling How Gin went to crave some 'Genuine Malaysian hawker food'.

oh Bryan, are ur blood pressure going up?? wait till u see the pic..

anyway, Roy memang know how to order.


the 'ikan bakar'

and this....dun really know wat it calls. is this Lala??? it's a type of seafood and with the form of shell like bamboo stick.

btw, tat's only the side dishes.

this is my entrée. Lemon grass chicken. =) =) ate halfway already. sorry. too hungry. LOLL

=) =) =)

very tempting isn't it??? hehehe. Waitt....i'm not finished yet.
Since this post is all about food. i will post somemore...

Went to Lowyat, Sungei Wang, & Timesquare yesterday. it's around the area anyway. Ahemmm, My actual aim is to look for some pirated flash's action script CD but then just found out they dun sell any. probably the 'force' hav a tight Inspecttion on them. sighh. anyone know where i can get some???

anyway, back to the food. we went to Sungei Wang Kim Gary for our dinner. and Sharon ordered their Signature dish, the Cheese Baked Rice.

RM17.90 inlcuding the soup, dessert, and a glass of fruit milk.
Then i ordered the side dish. The French Toast - RM4.90

Tell u......this is SUPERRRR DAMN nice. when u cut it, there will be peanut butter flowing out. i had it twice since i came back.

The feeling is like....the clouds giving its way to MR.Sun and it shines brightly onto u and creating the Golden Lights and sparkles!!!!. *Ting ting ting~ Oishiiiii des nehh. (LOLL....cousin Erin said tat how she feel when she ate Krispy Kreme)

and i ordered the drumstick bite - RM7.90 .....not bad also. =) =)
Ohh Bryan, are u constantly swallowing ur saliva there?? hehehe. =X

Last last....at Lot 10, isetan supermarket, you can buy the 50% discount sushi after 8pm. =) =) here is some of my purchase....

ohhh, i really love Unagi. don't u?? can you see the 50% tag??? can u?? can u??? hehehehehe. =) =) Bubla lovesss discount. who doesn't????

Hope u like it Bryan!!! waiting for u to come back and chia me SATAYYY!!!! *cheers* =) =)

some log

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Msn nick : Bubla (away) - i'm not here

Chung Cho says (4:10 PM):
hey long time no c lydia
Bubla (W) says (4:13 PM):
hi. how r u?

Chung Cho says (4:15 PM):
not bad, and how are u
Bubla (W) says (4:16 PM):
good thanks

Chung Cho says (4:17 PM):
where are u now?
Bubla (W) says (4:17 PM):

Chung Cho says (4:17 PM):
o...are u coming back?
Bubla (W) says (4:18 PM):
no...i came back for good
Bubla (W) says (4:18 PM):
finished my study

Chung Cho says (4:18 PM):
Chung Cho says (4:18 PM):
so what are u doing there?
Bubla (W) says (4:20 PM):

Chung Cho says (4:21 PM):
what are u working now?

*** fuck u..pissed off.

****** blocked from my list.

********** hate ppl asking me so many personal questions. especially those 'strangers'.

Sorry for my emotional unstableness. i can't release it elsewhere. only here. pls consider. thanks.

Malaysia's Factory Outlets

Monday, January 7, 2008

Went to Queens park today...but bought nth back except for some facial mask and firming sea salt bath. O.o

Wonder why did i go to Queens park?? Queens park is a retail central with most of the branded stuff. ie. Armani, CK, DKNY, Guess, Roul, Esprit, MNG, Naff naff, Nike, and Giordano (a brand tat i never bother to go into. reason??? can found it in Sibu. LOL)

i heard there is GAP but i dun spot any. =(

it's like sooooo... tempting isn't it?? yes it is, while hearing it's THE FACTORY OUTLET of those brands. but they are selling those rejected, the leftovers, and the outdated ones.

too bad none attracts me. the colors are too dull. and most of them are super big size. if not....the rest are still consider expensive/not worth it....RM300+ for a tank???? Nahhhh. i'm not tat spoilt.

but the CK they are selling, kinda amazed me. similiar to the one i saw in Melbourne (luckily didn't buy it) its superrrrrrrrrrr cheap. (as in less than a hundred). and got lots of them are similiar to the Melbourne CK's warehouse. (which i sorta suspect it is fake - due to the quality) but with a much cheaper price.

overall, IT IS very CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw there is also Sushi King, Baskin Robins, and Coffee Bean.

here is some.....
a MUST for Bubla while dinning at Sushi King:
- Ebi Ten Temaki (my very favourite de favourite: too bad melb dun hav this. i longed for long.) =) =) =) =) =)

hmmm...back to the branded stuff. saying me 'sampa lu' (uptown girl) or watever. i just discover that the famous F.O.S actually have some 'branded Factory Outlet clothes' =.=''

the other day i saw the Ralph Lauren skinny fit polo Tees only cost RM89.90 where in melbourne could sell until AUD49.90 (at a discounted price)??? but i kinda survery from the original Ralph Lauren skinny fit polo Tees the color of the brand is different. O.o

and worst is....i saw my lovely PAUL FRANK!!!! =.='' for only RM29.90. wahhhh sai!!!!! tat's so unbelievable. it's in good condition as well. wtf.

besides, i also found other brands like GAP, Tommy Hilfiger and etc..

awfully cheap i tell u. *sweats*

p/s: bribe me if u wan to know where is the Malaysia's ONLY levi's outlet. =P

Tips for committing suicide

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Want to commite suicide? No idea which way is better? Well...here are some tips for u by Andy Riley. "The Book of Bunny Suicides"

get the idea?? =) =) =)

i wish u luck..