Thursday, September 27, 2007

Little sunshine can't shine today. Why?? i feel suffocated. i need some air. i don't know how long can i hold onto. sometimes i feel like giving up and left Aus. Going back to M'sia and do wat i am suppose to.

Taking a master here isn't really a good choice.

Not as easy as i think.

totally different field.

Hav been defeated......badly.

blame my slackness.

does tat means i'm not interested?

i hav walked so far.

it's so tough.



when will i surrender?

i'm struggling to survive.


clement said...

dear lydia...
u should do your best. ha ha, i tot u r suppose to blog about your date... but u didn't

sharon said...

Gambateh onee-chan!

oink said...

:) it says cheerful lady on ur profile... gotta live up to that! :)