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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Tagged by Angel Valerie

Layer 1 : On the outside...
Name : Bubla
Birth date : 29th Aug
Current status : 'an lian' (暗恋) .. but i think he knows...LOLLL (kiong said tat will be 明恋, but i tot is 单恋. ohhhh chineseeee..)
Eye colour : Hazel
Hair colour : half brown half black
Righty or lefty : Righty

Layer 2 : On the inside...
Your heritage : Chinese (hakka)
Your fear : Spiderman will left me someday..
Your weakness : slackness
Your perfect pizza : Bubla’s pizza

Layer 3 : Yesterday, today, tomorrow...
Your thoughts first thing when you wake up : I always thought abt ah hai..
Your bedtime : 4am – 6am?? I’m drowning the pig watt..
Your most missed memory : the days I spent with my family

Layer 4 : Your pick...
Pepsi or Coke : fanta
McDonald's or Burger King : KFC
Single or group dates : group dates
Adidas or Nike : Nike
Tea or Nestea : lemon tea can or not??
Chocolate or vanilla : I’m a chocoholics!
Cappucino or coffee : Latte..

Layer 5 : Do you ...
Smoke : second hand like clem said..
Curse : MCB
Take a shower : famous quote from Homer Simpsons - duhh!!
Have a crush : I like him but he dun like me wat for lehhh…
Think you've been in love: errr..
Go to school : Uni ….yes
Want to get married : I’m still a kid…
Believe in yourself : Yuppp. High confidence me.
Think you're a health freak : oklahh…influenced by my dad

Layer 6 : In the past month...
Drank alcohol : *blush*
Gone to the mall : famous quote from Homer Simpsons - duhh!!
Been on stage : errr…nope
Eaten sushi : famous quote from Homer Simpsons - duhh!!
Dyed your hair : No $$

Layer 7 : Have you ever ...
Played a stripping game : I stripped infront of mirror got la.
Changed who you were to fit in : I’m proud of the way I am. But my mum said I’m too proud. *sweats*

Layer 8 : Age...
You're hoping to get married : under 40

Layer 9 : In a guy...
Best eye colour : Blue – but I prefer guy with half black frame specs =) =) =) =)
Best hair colour : no light colors
Short or long hair : Short – long hair guys looks messy dun u think so??

Layer 10 : What were you doing...
1 min ago : famous quote from Homer Simpsons - duhh!!
1 hour ago : doing my mask
4.5 hours ago : errr…in my bed. Danpat loo said he gonna bought me the Green Tea Kit Kat. U better be. If not i gonna go to city and hammer you!!!!
1 month ago : errrr….dun remember. *Ohhhh nooo…
1 year ago : multimedia student

Layer 11 : Finish the sentence...
I love : God, my family, my friends and foooooooood
I feel : thankful
I hate : Being alone too...
I hide : my sadness
I need : a lift

Layer 12 : Tag 5 people

*Note: i actually did this last sat.. hehehe.. =P


clement said...

sucks to be your sister... how is spider pig? ha ha

LydiaKong said...

sucks ur head....i sayang her lotsssss horrr..

clement said...

really? ha ha

clement said...

tagged u